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Winning work? Just get on with it..

Talking about business development doesn’t win work! Contacting people and expanding your network does. Without pointing any elbows, Gordon BDM has seen a number of circumstances when firms’ business development frameworks are so complex they actually inhibit winning work. Firms slice and dice markets so much that they have to create industry groups, project teams, task-forces,

BDM – Making the Web do the Work

The internet presents firms with vast new opportunities for winning work. You don’t need to have used all the tools before, but you need to carefully consider the best ways to make them work for you. Modern internet applications, collectively known as Web 2.0, have become increasingly relevant in the B2B landscape. Sites such as

User-generated content can aid your firm in winning work

User-generated media has become an incredibly important element in organisations’ modern marketing mix as firms aim to demonstrate more credibility than their competitors and make sure they are considered the experts in their chosen disciplines. Many larger firms in Scotland and beyond are currently considering the best way to use user-generated information to engage with
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