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Empathy selling….

Many professionals try to sell their services or products with only a shallow understanding of their prospective client’s key issues. Those who have embedded empathy selling (as defined by me!) into their way of working are in a much stronger position because they understand their prospect much better than their competitors. They understand all their

Travelling again….. just a little musing.

OK, you won’t get far in winning work without seeing your prospective clients face-to-face but I’m on 6 flights this week and that’s probably too many? It’s unproductive (even with a BlackBerry) and bad for the environment. Luckily I have a great team delivering our client work, meaning I can spend some of my time telling the

What does it mean when a prospect connects?

OK so you’re connected to people you don’t yet know, so what does that mean? Does that mean they want to buy from you? Absolutely not. Does it mean they even want to meet you? Not necessarily. However, unless they simply approve every approach they receive (Some people do this because they don’t know yet

Social networking’s brilliant for sales…. discuss

I’m not saying this is what I think, just looking to create a thought-provoking blog. So, first of all, I think LinkedIn’s purpose for keeping in touch with colleagues, clients, suppliers and other business contacts is wonderful. It’s really interesting to see where old contemporaries now work, who they know and what’s important to them
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