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Make new contacts over the festive season….

The next fortnight is a brilliant time to go and expand your network using appropriate professional sites. Here’s why…. Many of the people you really want to connect with are some of the most busy professionals in your extended network. They often don’t have time to add anything new into their working lives. If you

Annoying customer service

1) I shop in M&S daily. I get my lunch in Bothwell Street and get my granny’s shopping weekly at Silverburn. I used to find it quite annoying to get asked if I want a bag every day but recently, with a trolley full of shopping, I’ve been asked “just the one bag?” WT? NOT

Don’t sell anything….

Much as I use the term ‘empathy selling’, I don’t actually sell anything in terms of the common definition. I do things to try to demonstrate I have expertise in the areas in which I work and I meet new people who I would consider to be prospective clients regularly. The way I like to

RBS – old blog…. you’ll find this funny….

I just came across this blog I posted on MySpace (yes, MySpace!) on Friday April 27th 2007. RBS: our very own aspirational, capitalist, killing machine yeah If RBS succeeds in it’s first major hostile take-over, buys ABN Amro and becomes the world’s biggest bank by market capitalisation, there could be some interesting consequences. Undoubtedly the
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