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Create a personal brand to get ahead….

The clothes you wear, the way you style yourself, the way you shake hands, the expertise you have, the markets in which you work, the company you keep, your hobbies, your qualifications, what you say and where you say it are just some of the things that combine to create your personal brand. Who are

Social bookmarking….guest blog, Christine Black

With the use of social bookmarking, companies can enjoy increased traffic to their websites (and increased understanding of demographics of types of people who visit their company website). They also provide a fast method of accessing new business resources and of strengthening new business relationships or attracting new clients. However, critics have argued that social

Battle of the professions….

I’ve worked with so many different types of professionals and as groups they often live in isolation and display common convey certain feelings about others in the world. Here are a few things I’ve picked up. Bear in mind they don’t (necessarily) reflect my views. I hope you find this funny! Tax people think people

Rome wasn’t built in an internal meeting….

I recently asked some fellow group members, ‘are there too many internal meetings and not enough action,’ and got some great responses. I believe there are too many internal BD meetings in B2B services. I don’t think enough of them are planned effectively. I don’t believe enough market-facing actions follow and I am convinced it’s
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