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Personal branding for career and BD

The management and promotion of a brand is essential to marketing any product. Strong brand messages conveyed through names, logos or symbols can engage and connect with consumers while emphasising positive qualities, distinctiveness and merit. These are all characteristics equally important when it comes to promoting ourselves, (our personal brand), both in terms of gaining

New LinkedIn Group – ‘Strategic Sales – Scotland’

Do sales people collaborate enough? I don’t think they do so within their own organisations let alone across sectors or even wider. And I’ve benefited significantly over the years from learning from peers in different industries. So, I’ve created ‘Strategic Sales – Scotland’ – a LinkedIn Group for line managers in BD, sales and marketing

What LinkedIn Groups should I join?

I’ve spent the last 3+ years observing and taking part in LinkedIn Groups and they are becoming more and more useful. At most times, I am a member of the maximum number of LinkedIn Groups you can join – 50. Periodically, I audit the Groups I am connected to, remove the 5 that are of
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