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Give on LinkedIn before you expect anything in return

In David Meerman Scott’s book ‘The New Rules of Marketing & PR’, which I read around a year ago on holiday in Mallorca before starting Gordon BDM, he talks about the concept of giving away free information – thought leadership, exclusive stats or just expertise – without asking for anything in return. It must have stuck

Are your LinkedIn connections confidential? Don’t upload what you don’t own….

The following article was written by Malcolm Burrows, Associate at Rostron Carlyle Solicitors in Australia and has been reproduced with the author's consent. Malcolm's profile is at and the article is at LinkedIn and various Social Networking Sites (SNS) are creating new challenges for the protection of an Organisation's Confidential Information.   Confidential Information


Having worked across a few related sectors in business in Scotland, there is something that always keeps me quite entertained; how incestuous it is. I’m not talking here about inappropriate romances (although those in offices provide their own source of amusement) but the simple fact that everyone seems to know lots of the same people.
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