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I met Miles Templeman today

I enjoy meeting people with their own Wikipedia listing so it was great to meet Miles Templeman, Director General at the Institute of Directors earlier today. Since getting involved with IoD about 8 months ago, I’ve found it to be quite experiential. I’ve met some inspiring people and found great value in getting involved with

How to stop getting too much info from LinkedIn

  I’ve heard a few people complaining about the volume of useless information they’re getting from LinkedIn and much as people are getting more professional value than ever from LinkedIn Groups, you still need to wade through a degree of ‘noise’ to get to it. So, here are some simple ways to make this all

Interesting LinkedIn stats….

Location               LinkedIn members (50 miles radius where ‘city’) New York City                                  2,521,000 London                                                1,578,000 Palo Alto (LinkedIn HQ)               1,492,000 Chicago        

I’m about to do a transformational deal

Gordon BDM’s nearly a year old. We’ll have turned over c£200k and made c£90k profit by the 12 month point. There are 5 of us. Our business model is absolutely unique (certainly in the UK). We have a client list including international accountancy firms, international law firms, listed international financial services companies, large public sector

Don’t train your senior people on LinkedIn

There’s little point in spending much time training your senior people in using LinkedIn. Yes, an overview session at lunchtime or after work will be enlightening but no matter how much fantastic information you give them, if it’s professional networking online’s not for them, you’re wasting your (and their) time and money. More importantly, they
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