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Tips for your LinkedIn profile part 2

  Your summary should be comprehensive but easy to understand. Write in the first person and make sure you appear confident, impressive but not boastful. Ask someone to review your summary before you make your profile public for a second opinion. Others are often better placed to judge the tone of your summary. Use the ‘specialties’

Tips for your LinkedIn profile part 1

  Your Profile – Our Rules Make sure you add a photo. People are less likely to want to interact with a mysterious, faceless internet page. Ensure your job title is understandable to people outwith your organisation or sector. If it contains uncommon acronyms, spell them out. If your job title contains jargon, change it.

NLP in sales

  I first learned of NLP on a course run by Stephen Long Group (no idea where this guy or his company are now, and have tried to find them on the www, but it was excellent) in 2004. Over the next couple of months and years I embedded many of the techniques I learned

Take on Low-Cost Rivals Now

  One of my contacts, Claire Dunning from Dunning Design (, recently posted a Link to this interesting news item from McKinsey, ‘When companies underestimate low-cost rivals’ ( and it’s fascinating. What are the strategic implications? How do you respond? Do you respond?   Here are a couple of my thoughts on this.   As
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