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Connect with others effectively on LinkedIn

  Because I’ve started a new recruitment-related service business recently (using many of the techniques Gordon BDM uses for our clients’ marketing and BD projects) I’ve joined some LinkedIn Groups I’d not tried before and a couple of them are excellent sources of valuable information and networking. However, it’s led to a surge in connection

Get a wage rise now.

For most people, getting headhunted and getting a wage rise is desirable. I know many recruiters in many of the 'Best Companies' in the UK and they are all using LinkedIn as part of their recruitment process – often as the FIRST channel for finding and tempting 'candidates' who have the skills they are looking

Important things about email

  Important things about email  Don’t send emails and expect people to respond. They often don’t and shouldn’t be expected to. Sending an email doesn’t ensure you’ll get a reply. Call people if you want an answer. Only email people when you need to send them an attachment. You will become instantly more efficient when

get rid of duplicate LinkedIn profiles

  It's frustrating for you if you have more than one LinkedIn profile and it's also frustrating for people who want to be part of your network. I've passed this information on to a number of people over the last few months so thought I'd share. Email customer_service@linkedin.comand tell them you have a duplicate profile.
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