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LinkedIn and UK Employment Law

  As the popularity of LinkedIn grows and its business benefits are apparent, many businesses are considering the employment law implications of employees’ use of LinkedIn at work. What can we do if an employee’s use of LinkedInand other social media is excessive during working hours? The ever-growing popularity of social media and its often

New brand for Burness

  Today, Burness launched its new brand and website and I think it's great. The website is very current with multiple communication channels, setting the bar a little higher. According to Chairman, Philip Rodney: "Today Burness is launching a new brand identity borne out of important conversations we've had with clients on the changed business

New brand building opportunities on LinkedIn

  LinkedIn has made some positive changes to the company pages to give them more functionality and better brand-building opportunities. The new features include ‘products and services’ which enables users to explain their offerings in more detail including key features,  description and even the opportunity to upload images. The company pages also allow you to

Couple more changes on LinkedIn

  ‘Who’s Viewed my Profile’ is back to the old format which is a shame as I quite liked the fact you needed to expose yourself, even temporarily, in order to see those who have been browsing your profile. Your ‘Inbox’ has now been removed from your Home page which is also a shame. I
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