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LinkedIn at Christmas

LinkedIn’s become incredibly busy this week and I am sure that’s because every day’s a Friday for a lot of people at this time of year. You might recognise some of the following as concepts I’ve championed over the last few years. Here are a couple of variations: 1)      Fridays are the best days to

LinkedIn Group Statistics – very useful new feature

  LinkedIn super-users have been requesting more statistics and qualitative information about Groups’ memberships for some time and eventually, this function is here. When you click on to ‘Your Groups’, you may have noticed a bar chart has appeared next to each Group of which you are a member. Click on this chart to receive

Using LinkedIn to enhance your key account programme

  Here’s a summary of the account management type work we’ve been helping clients with successfully.  The Concept Many organisations have shallow, narrow relationships with their customers, even those most important to them. Often, they have one key contact and ephemeral relationships with that person’s team. The most robust businesses plan accounts so they create

Using LinkedIn to enhance your key account initiatives

  We’ve been working with a large business process outsourcing company recently to help them use LinkedIn to enhance their key account management programmes. LinkedIn is almost certainly the most accurate source of worldwide ‘people’ data  in a B2B professional context and we’ve been working to drive this company’s programme forward in the following ways:

What your email address says to me

Your email address format automatically sends information to people who hear/see it. Here’s what email formats say to me:- .com – good. International prospects? / / .ca etc – limited to your country, which can be fine, since some goods and services don’t travel well. But perhaps just limited .org / similar –

Fridays for fun. Mondays for serious business?

  So, I’ve been telling people for a long time that LinkedIn traffic surges on a Friday afternoon and if, as you should, you’re going to get involved in any discussions, send out connection requests or share any useful information, you should do it at lunchtime on a Friday to optimise success.. I recently asked

LinkedIn stripping service to free users

  As predicted by myself and my contacts at Grant Thornton, PwC and BDO around the time of LinkedIn’s flotation on NYSE, the free services are becoming restricted little by little.. Here’s the latest observation. The ‘Who’s Viewed My Profile’ section used to allow members to see abbreviated statistics about the people who had been

LinkedIn don’t become known as a job site

  A few years ago lots of people thought LinkedIn was just another recruitment site. People raised an eyebrow when others looked like they were investing time on their profile and smirked, “someone’s looking for a new job….” and “I wonder who didn’t get the pay-rise they thought they deserved”. Over the last few years,
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