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LinkedIn Experiment in a Glasgow Pub

  I don’t know all of my LinkedIn connections or fellow Group members so I’m going to undertake an experiment of sorts. I’d like to invite invite all of my Glasgow LinkedIn contacts (and fellow members of selected Groups) to join me for a sociable catch-up after work on 24th March – one month from

C-level interest in LinkedIn growing

  I think LinkedIn’s IPO registration has put the business and therefore the service higher up the CEO agenda. In the last week I’ve been asked to undertake coaching and concierge work with two CEOs and a Sales Director – all at separate international, quoted companies – and none working in industries in which I

LinkedIn Swarm for visualising hot topics

  In January, LinkedIn launched a neat new application which is, if nothing else, very interesting. LinkedIn Swarm enables users to access a ‘living’ tag cloud which updates automatically to show the most searched key words on LinkedIn in the previous hour. Over 90m professionals now use LinkedIn to develop business, collaborate, hire people and

Interesting LinkedIn strategy

  We're undertaking an exercise for the CEO of an international plc B2B company and I'm very much enjoying it. I thoroughly enjoy working with CEOs because they are all very different. This particular individual has quite a low profile in his markets. And deliberately so (yes, his approach is quite the opposite of mine)..
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