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30-point plan for fantastic LinkedIn Groups

  Individually these points are insignificant. The compound effect of applying all of these techniques to your LinkedIn Group will however create a very powerful community. LinkedIn Groups often fail because not enough of the members have anything in common. Make sure your Group is targeted to a cluster of professionals with shared issues. Research

Young professionals can contribute too….

  I am looking forward to talking at Glasgow Young Professionals’ LinkedIn Seminar on Monday along with Mark Valentine of BDO. One of intriguing things I keep coming across is: Senior people think LinkedIn’s for ‘the younger ones’.. Wrong Early-career professionals think LinkedIn’s for ‘the bosses’.. Wrong Everyone can make good use of LinkedIn. It’s

Branding your LinkedIn Group

  LinkedIn Groups are amazing. Most of them are useless but those which are well planned (I have a 30-point plan for LinkedIn Groups) are incredibly valuable. And they can be fantastic channels for you to communicate with your markets (and your competitors’ clients). How you brand your Group is the most important consideration. So,
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