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How connected are you to the Power 100 marketers

Today’s copy of Marketing lists the 2011 ‘Power 100 List’ of the most influential people in marketing in the UK. It’s a very interesting read but my favourite element is the ‘Power Status’ app created by Engine, a leading independent UK marketing and communications company who have sponsored the list for 5 years and in

What to do when attacked on LinkedIn

  I have been getting cyber-attacked on a LinkedIn Group. Here’s a short summary before (more importantly) a suggestion of what to do if this happens to you. I have handed out over 10,000 copies of my LinkedIn Guide having offered it to Group members on 5 LinkedIn Groups since May last year. I have

LinkedIn Today – popular news aggregator

   You’ll have noticed news items have been appearing at the top of your Home page on LinkedIn recently. These are placed there strategically to encourage you to enter LinkedIn Today. LinkedIn Today is a news aggregator which will cluster all news items it thinks is relevant to you. Don’t worry you can customise the

Can you mailshot your LinkedIn contacts?

  Someone recently asked me if it is possible to send a mailer to all of your LinkedIn connections and the answer is simply ‘no’. If you have a message you want to send to all of your LinkedIn connections, you can of course send this from ‘Inbox’ -> ‘Compose Message’ but you can only
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