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BeKnown – useful or not?

  Ok, so, I'm speaking as a little uneducated since I've not joined but I've had lots of messages from people asking me to join their 'BeKnown' network online recently. The point is that people spend time on different social networks and it would be easier to manage all relationships they have in one place.

The Big 4 on LinkedIn

  A little up-to-date commentary: PricewaterhouseCoopers PwC have created country LinkedIn Groups including a LinkedIn Group for the UK called, simply, ‘PwC LLP (PwC UK)’. This Group, and those other official Groups across the world are owned and managed by PwC’s online presence team. The UK Group is ironically now owned by someone who has

“To me, Pele is best,” says Pele….

  Illeism: the practice of referring to oneself in the third person. Don’t write about yourself in the third person on LinkedIn. It just looks really odd. It looks creepy. You shouldn’t use your LinkedIn page like an advert and that’s what it looks like you’re doing when you create your profile in this way.

Using LinkedIn for selling your assets….

  I am quite excited about a new LinkedIn Group we’re about to create for one of our clients. They have some IP to sell and are looking to enter negotiations with interested parties. In order to quickly raise interest, we will be inviting all senior professionals in a niche sector to come and join
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