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If you like mine, I like yours….?

  This culture of 'like' mine and I'll like yours is so, so strange. I don't understand it at all. Normally there's wisdom in crowds – a concept that Google bases much of its entire model on. Groups come to a consensus about the modus operandi but in the case of the following I don't

LinkedIn Group invitations still not working

  8 days ago, someone I know sent a message to LinkedIn Customer Support to ask what was wrong with the LinkedIn Group invitation function and here’s the reply they received: “Hi Kelly,  Yes, in fact, it appears you’ve come across a known bug. I’m sorry for the inconvenience this has caused. We’ve got our

Is LinkedIn disintermediating lots of industries?

  The world's changing fast. Industry's changing fast. The internet's amazing.. People can build relationships much more easily. I think commerce is becoming more balanced and fair and a new and inspiring equilibrium is emerging. Google is driving this. But LinkedIn is enhancing it. Here are a few of the professions I believe need to
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