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LinkedIn stripping service to free users

  As predicted by myself and my contacts at Grant Thornton, PwC and BDO around the time of LinkedIn’s flotation on NYSE, the free services are becoming restricted little by little.. Here’s the latest observation. The ‘Who’s Viewed My Profile’ section used to allow members to see abbreviated statistics about the people who had been

LinkedIn don’t become known as a job site

  A few years ago lots of people thought LinkedIn was just another recruitment site. People raised an eyebrow when others looked like they were investing time on their profile and smirked, “someone’s looking for a new job….” and “I wonder who didn’t get the pay-rise they thought they deserved”. Over the last few years,

LinkedIn users networking more effectively

  Last February I undertook some research which told me: – 25% of LinkedIn users don’t connect with anyone they haven’t met offline – 25% of LinkedIn users connect with everyone regardless of who they are – 50% of LinkedIn users connect with people they don’t know offline if they feel they will gain some
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