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Managing Your Professional Online Presence

Predictions have been circulating for years in the recruitment industry that over the next decade, online presence will replace resumes all together. Recruiters are increasingly using the web to search for potential employees, and to conduct background checks. This is something we know all about at Social Media Search – but job seekers are not

Use the Source by Billy McDiarmid

The ‘holy trinity’ of any recruitment campaign – time, quality and cost – is brought into focus when trying to decide where to find potential candidates online. It’s a challenge faced by both us and our clients on a daily basis:- – No-one has the time to sit and trawl through pages upon pages of

Sourcing top performers

One of the best bits of sourcing advice I ever received was this :- “Imagine what you are looking for and how that information will appear on the internet – then craft your search accordingly”. (For the record that advice came from Irina Shamaeva.) One of our recent challenges was to find top performing sales

The Rules of Attraction by Billy McDiarmid

At Social Media Search, our main approach is to use search techniques and tools to source potential passive candidates. But we also work with employers to attract candidates using a variety of other methods on social media. Here are my top five tips when attracting candidates using Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites. (1)

Introducing Algo Man

Here we go, my first ever regular blog! Anyone who knows me won’t be surprised to hear it will be about sourcing, that’s what I do all day long and I love it. My nickname in our office is “Algo man” but I actually quite like that. I haven’t the heart to tell them they
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