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8 ‘must do’ things to optimise the response to your social media candidate outreach – input from Ben McCann of Molson Coors

This is written specifically with recruiting in mind but the learnings in here are absolutely valid to approaching potential employers, prospective customers, journalists or anyone else you want to build a relationship with. 1) Don’t waste your time sending messages to the wrong people; make sure you’ve qualified that the people you’re targeting are relevant.

Recruiters – try Facebook for Recruiting

The nature of Facebook’s business model (targeted advertising) means that it is focused on capturing as much information about users as possible. Graph Search is the method that can be used to extract this information. Some important points to note about Graph Search:- It’s semantic – so it looks at context and meaning, rather than

Case Study: Sourcing hard-to-fill roles for not for profits

A leading Scottish charity were seeking a senior technical consultant to join their team. Over the previous 12 months they tried a variety of methods to source a suitable candidate include engaging with agencies, advertising on job boards, searching CV databases and seeking referrals, but had so far been unsuccessful. Due to their ongoing expansion, this hire was

Targeting events to source candidates

I love Meetup. It’s a rich source and is my go-to place when I have a brief from a client that’s a little bit different. The open nature of the site has provided me with a few great leads in candidate driven markets. I had some time last week, and started to think about the

5 years old today; happy birthday to us :-)

So 5 years ago today, WinningWork was born based on what some thought was an idea that just wouldn’t work. Here are the mile-stones. March 2009 – I was supervising teams at a recruitment company who were using LinkedIn more and more to get contact with prospective clients. I had undertaken some training with them
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