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The World’s Scariest Jobs (And How to Search For Them)

The World’s Scariest Jobs (And How to Search For Them) Halloween gives everyone the creeps. The “hide behind the sofa” scary movies, the kids being high on sugar, and the terrifying costumes that make a Friday night on Sauchiehall Street even more frightening than usual. It’s not for the faint hearted. Still think you’re brave

The Power of LinkedIn: Engaging with your followers

The Power of LinkedIn: Engaging with your followers LinkedIn is now the third-fastest growing social network behind Instagram and Reddit. So how can you take advantage of the increased interest in LinkedIn to engage with your followers? Here are some key points to consider when sharing content with your companies’ followers. Think about your content

How to recruit talent on Reddit

How to recruit talent on Reddit Here at Social Media Search we’re always looking for new and innovative ways to source the best candidates for our clients. LinkedIn is by far the most useful (and orthodox), but there are other corners of the internet that can be utilised and provide a great insight into a

Google+ vs the World

Cards on the table. I love Google+. Why? The user interface is amazing. The content is heavily indexed by the Google search engine, so x-ray searches are really powerful. Google Hangouts is the best free messaging platform available on the desktop. (WhatsApp is still better on mobile). The profile layout and content is superb for searching

Recruiters – do you need a LinkedIn profile?

I’m not asking whether you need a Premium or Recruiter license. I mean any type of LinkedIn profile. Let’s consider the main reasons recruiters use LinkedIn – can the same results be achieved without a profile? NB – One important thing to remember – around 50% of the UK working population have a LinkedIn profile

Taking social media relationships offline

OK so you’ve got connected on LinkedIn with lots of the people you want to know because, let’s face it, a huge proportion of people will accept your invitation if you look useful and/or relevant. How do you now take these relationships offline? It’s changed over the last 5 years. When we first started doing

5 Personal Branding Tips To Get You Ahead

The management and promotion of a brand is essential to marketing any product. Strong brand messages conveyed through names, logos or symbols can engage and connect with consumers while emphasising positive qualities, distinctiveness and merit. These are all characteristics equally important when it comes to promoting ourselves, (our personal brand), both in terms of gaining
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