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The 8 Worst LinkedIn Crimes

I’m sure we have all come across a profile on LinkedIn that has made us raise an eyebrow, or roll an eye. Siobhan, a member of our research team here at SMS, has written a great list of the 8 worst LinkedIn crimes. Hopefully you don’t recognise any indiscretions as you scroll through the list!  

What can we learn from LinkedIn Talent Trends?

The LinkedIn Talent Trends 2015 were released last week, giving insights into the inner thinking of LinkedIn users worldwide. What can we learn from LinkedIn Talent Trends? Well let’s have a look. One of the main global insights was that the number of users that would consider themselves to be active talent, has risen in

Tips for Recruiting on Instagram

Instagram is a dynamic social media app, that has a lot of potential as a recruitment tool. We have posted other pieces about smart sourcing on Twitter (, on LinkedIn (, and about the power of the passive candidate ( but this time we’ve written up some tips for recruiting on Instagram. Recruiting on social
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