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Recruitment Marketing on Social Media

While social media has been the hub of intensive recruitment marketing for a while now, increasingly it is candidates that are looking companies up on various platforms to get a feel of who they would be like to work for. You don’t want to miss out on a great hire because they couldn’t envisage themselves working for

Social media & diversity in your shortlists

Social media & diversity in your shortlists We have spoken a lot recently about the importance of social media for building your talent brand and utilising your employees to ensure that your company looks like a great place to work. Today we’ll discuss a way to use social media to create diversity in your short lists. Our

3 Chrome Extensions you need to know about

3 Chrome Extensions you need to know about Want to get the best out of your search? There are tons of tools available to help with sourcing and we’ve linked 3 of our current favourite Chrome Extensions below. Facebook/LinkedIn search by Shane McCusker  An easy to use Chrome Extension that enables a search for multiple things at

The Importance of Talent Brand

 Employers who used social media to hire found a 49% improvement in candidate quality over candidates sourced only through traditional recruiting channels ** Until recently, employer branding referred to a company’s communications and positioning about what it’s like to work there. While the core objective of providing enticing insights remains the same, the prevalence of social
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