Identifying employee advocates, future leaders and flight risks

Identifying employee advocates, future leaders and flight risks

Three times in the last fortnight, HR/recruitment leaders have asked me if they could use Candidate.ID to generate insights about their own workforce.


If you’re not familiar with Candidate.ID, the way it works is, recruitment managers use the platform to distribute candidate-nurturing content to their talent pools to convert people they might hire now or in the future into applicants. Using Candidate.ID, they can monitor each potential applicant’s ‘IDScore’ which tells the recruiters how hot or otherwise each candidate is to talking about opportunities and therefore to save time-to-shortlist. The IDScore is made up of each potential candidate’s interaction with their content – points are allocated based on clicks, views, downloads and weighted according to commitment and ‘heat’ (when reading your careers site, big points are allocated).


Let’s flip the concept a little and suggest that employee engagement teams could use Candidate.ID to share useful and relevant content to inspire their own colleagues. They could announce leadership messages, company priorities and updates, comp and bens info, use the platform to publicise the internal jobs market and to broadcast learning & development opportunities.


Using the IDScore, employee engagement leaders will be able to create insights into their own workforce. They’ll be able to identify the biggest employee advocates, the most inspired and engaged teams, future leaders and crucially, the insights will expose flight risks so line managers can choose to put their arm around (not literally) those likely to be thinking of leaving, or…. do nothing.


HR leaders, what do you think?


You can find Adam’s original LinkedIn post here.


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