Sorcha speaks to Matt Churchward, Asoria Group

Sorcha speaks to Matt Churchward, Asoria Group

Our recent series of interviews with leading recruitment professionals sees Sorcha speak to Matt Churchward, Founder & Director at the Asoria Group




Six years ago, Matt Churchward, founded the Asoria Group and since then has developed the business in to four different branches: Green Recruitment Company; Life Sciences Recruitment Company; Digital Recruitment Company and Property Recruitment Company.
Matt is an entrepreneur who throughout his career has invested in niche industries and has continuously advocated for sustainable, long term growth as a recipe for success. Matt accredits his success down to seeking out wins where a quick return on investment is paired with an opportunity for prolonged growth. Along with his business partners, Matt has grown Asoria Group without the aid of outside investment.

Under the Labour government, renewables were promoted leading to the creation of the Green Recruitment Company; Matt recalls targeting industries where there was growth due to incentives offered by the government or where there was natural progression. This approach hasn’t always been profitable but successful management has allowed the Asoria Group to weather crises such as the folding of an oil and gas branch. Versatility in the face of difficulty meant that the Group was able to avoid redundancies and reassign employees of the Oil and Gas branch to other areas of the business.

A daily challenge, however, is internal recruitment. Matt stands by the statement, “If you can fill your business with great people, they will do great things”, and he commits himself to continually improving Asoria’s recruitment processes to find loyal and committed employees. Asoria Group focus on recruiting graduates with the aim to retain them, and allow them to grow as the company does.

Asoria Group require a specific combination of skills: people who are sales-driven, hard-working, motivated to succeed and intelligent. The internal recruitment team employ methods such as, “day on the desk”, situational judgement tests and personality profiling but Matt confesses that his team can never be 100% sure how a recruit is going to perform until they begin. Talent attraction, candidate experience and retention is something that Asoria Group plans to invest in as there is growing competition in the recruitment industry for highly skilled graduates.

Matt appreciates that new recruitment technologies are clever and may be helpful, that doesn’t necessarily mean a worthwhile investment, especially when things are always evolving so quickly. For this reason, Asoria Group restrain on going all in on anything. They champion soft roll outs and learning from mistakes as you go.

Going forward, the plan is to strengthen their international presence, particularly with The Green Company where their biggest profits currently are in mainland China. Matt is also pioneering creativity within the team, hosting an internal “Dragon’s Den” style competition. He has twelve team members pitching a new tech idea to either improve or change internal processes that would give the business a competitive advance. Should an idea be adopted, the manager behind it will be financially rewarded.

Overall, Asoria Group are very focused on future growth. They stand by their four principles of Passionate, Lively, Creative and Straight-Talking and have received many commendations from awarding bodies for doing so.


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