Sorcha speaks to Simon La Fosse of La Fosse Associates

Sorcha speaks to Simon La Fosse of La Fosse Associates

Our recent series of interviews with leading recruitment professionals sees Sorcha speak to Simon La Fosse, CEO of La Fosse Associates

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Simon La Fosse, CEO of La Fosse Associates, established his company close to ten years ago and in that time, has experienced phenomenal growth. Starting off as one man to now having a headcount of 150, Simon has stayed true to his values and plans on continuing to do so as he doubles his workforce.

The approach Simon has taken to business is a very honest one. He isn’t motivated by a hard sell and only seeks to establish business relations where there is a clear benefit for his company and for the client. Simon has found that this works more effectively in the long-term and therefore retaining clients becomes less of a worry. This also provides a network effect of attracting new clients to work with La Fosse Associates. Simon is confident in his service proposition and in his team to provide an excellent standard of care to their clients and through word of mouth he finds more and more HR teams coming to him with requests to do the same for them. Again, only moving forward with those where there is a strong opportunity for a win on both sides.

In recent years, there have been changes in the recruitment landscape which have altered practices that La Fosse Associates follow. Recruiting specifically for the technology industry, the demand from clients has increased year on year but unfortunately the supply has not. Simon recognises the benefit of sites such as LinkedIn in lowering their costs and being able to identify more candidates however it has had the same effect for in-house teams. Simon remains confident in his team despite the rise of in-house recruiters, they need to continually be proving why and how they are better than them. Their focus is to stick to their expertise, showing where they can add value for their clients and for themselves.

Simon dedicates a lot of his time in to focusing on team culture and promoting the company values. It is always difficult to pin point exactly how to describe what company values are but put simply, La Fosse Associates are committed to doing the right thing, by their colleagues and by their clients. Simon ensures his team take great care with recruiting for their own internal team, ensuring that everyone shares the same goal of building the value of the company together. This requires discipline from internal recruiters as it is difficult to turn someone away if you know they would be excellent in driving revenue but their team spirit isn’t so obvious. One key way in which Simon has managed to nurture company culture so effectively is by establishing co-ownership. He has committed to gifting 40% of the equity in the company to the people who work there. From board level directors, down to the receptionists, everyone at La Fosse Associates has a share of the company and a significant role to play in maintaining the reputation of the business. Simon’s immediate priority is to scale the business to 300 people whilst ensuring values are not compromised.

It is this style of business which has seen La Fosse Associates applauded by several awarding bodies including The Sunday Times, noting them as one of the best companies to work for four years running.


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