Using Facebook Groups in 2017

Using Facebook Groups in 2017

Using Facebook Groups in 2017



Online communities present an opportunity for knowledge sharing, networking and in the case of recruitment, nurturing potential candidates. At Social Media Search we believe that Facebook Groups are the way forward. LinkedIn’s Groups seem like the perfect platform for such activities, and are supported by the professional aspect of the social network, yet they lack the functionality to encourage the engagement needed to make online groups worthwhile. Let’s take a look at Facebook Groups:


1. One of the rules of Facebook Groups is that admission is only available to individuals, so you have to be comfortable using your personal profile in order to partake. However, it may be worth it – Facebook Groups are structured to provide a safe space to facilitate discussion.


2. The temptation may be there to join as many Facebook Groups as possible, however in doing so you will dilute your experience. Find the groups most relevant to your business or interests and aim to provide valuable content and insights. Typically administrators don’t allow just everybody to join. You have to have a sincere and generally demonstrated relationship to the group concerned. Some groups also vet your post before publishing, meaning only relevant content makes it to the group for discussion.


3. Look for groups with healthy engagement amongst participants so as you can join in the conversations and raise your profile amongst them in your area of expertise. Ensure you have set notifications to alert you to new posts within groups to ensure you don’t miss anything.


4. Facebook Groups give you the chance to post a variety of content – something sorely lacking in the LinkedIn counterpart! This can include links, pictures, third party content and polls. Always facilitate discussion by asking a question at the end of your posts.


5. It is imperative that you are giving honest and useful material when you post – mainly if it’s in response to a question from a member. The quality of your engagement, as well as your opportunity of developing sincere relationships, will depend on just how valuable the information is to the person asking.


If you would like more guidance on the benefits of online communities, feel free to get in touch with any questions – 

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