The Candidate Journey and your Hiring Manager

The Candidate Journey and your Hiring Manager

The Candidate Journey and your Hiring Manager


Your hiring manager plays an important part in the journey of your candidates and it is beneficial for you to know how to use them. We see the four key stages of the candidate journey as being; Awareness, Education, Consideration and Decision.

The hiring manager is an often under-utilised tool in the recruitment process and it is helpful for you to know how to use them to your advantage and use hiring managers to build your employer brand.




In this introductory stage, use the hiring manager to give basic insights; include information about your company, your industry, the talent in your industry, etc that could take the form of a blog or even a short interview. Share these on social media channels or in your email campaigns to attract attention and make candidates aware of you and what you do. If hosting networking and information events is an important part of your organisation’s recruitment process, then ensure the hiring managers for your most common roles are on hand to answer questions and interact with attendees.




While Awareness and Education content have a lot in common, the Education stage is the opportunity to be more specific about your organisation and the career opportunities available. Support your talent brand by creating short hiring manager hero videos. These could involve the hiring manager talking about potential career opportunities within your business, explaining why it is great to work for your company, discussing any employee initiatives that your company has created or chatting about a recent project they worked on. Anything that stimulates the candidate’s interest in your organisation is ultimately beneficial for you to share.




This is where you want your candidates to be seriously considering a career with you, having now sparked their interest with your previous content. This is the time to use your hiring manager’s online profiles to make a connection with them on LinkedIn, or any social media site you think to be appropriate and relevant.

A compelling profile will support the journey the candidate has been on, and if it has been effective, they will want to connect with your hiring manager. Social media is also a place for you to initiate one-to-one conversations with prospective candidates and curate content for the individual rather than a wider audience.





This final stage of content nurturing is where it is definitely time to take the conversation offline. Inviting the candidate for a one-to-one career discussion with the hiring manager, whether in person or on the phone, is a great way for you to engage with the candidate and utilise the full force of your talent brand.

We would encourage any company looking for new talent to utilise seriously consider how hiring managers fit in to the candidate journey, as it builds your talent brand and improves the overall candidate experience. This in turn will give you a happy and motivated pool of candidates to choose from.


If you would like to know more about building your talent brand through your hiring managers, contact Laura Hillhouse.

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