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Talent Pipeline Software in Ultra-Competitive Markets

Adam takes a look at the advantages of Talent Pipeline Software in Ultra-Competitive Markets Last week I had two meetings in Frankfurt, one with a digital employer and a strategy consultancy and both have precisely the same challenges – how to get people from the competition to consider jumping ship. They’re both working in fiercely competitive candidate-driven

Adam looks at Talent Acquisition in 2017

On January 3rd this year, I wrote a blog ( about the key things I thought employers could aim to achieve in 2016 in the direct sourcing and talent acquisition space so here’s a retrospective with some commentary on 2017 and what we can expect. Here we go: As normal with me, I opened by

Utopia for Employer Branding

Utopia for Employer Branding “Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half,” said US merchant and retailer John Wanamaker around 100 years ago. Today, it’s so much easier to measure ROI on advertising and other forms of marketing, depending on how smart your approach. Yet for

Focus on Talent Brand

Employer brand? Tick. New focus? Talent brand! Adam published to LinkedIn his thoughts on what we should now be focussing on… When I first stepped full-time into the world of recruitment marketing in 2002, employer brand was all the rage. Thought leaders were evangelising, most businesses didn’t have one yet and it took quite a

‘Join Our Talent Pool’ – A Shallow Request?

I’ve seen some big and (I assumed) sophisticated companies calling for people to join their ‘talent pool’ recently. “Calling top lawyers – we’re great; come and join our talent pool.” What the……..? I don’t know why I am continuously surprised to see global companies being so incredibly naïve and arrogant, because it happens all the
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