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IF you are a Recruiter, THEN read this post!

IFTTT.COM (IF THIS, THEN THAT) has been kicking about for some time now. It’s a rule based application that allows you to set-up actions based on triggers. So:- IF a trigger occurs, THEN an action takes place. It’s simple causality (Star Trek has a great episode about cause and effect), and IFTTT calls these rules

Facebook – Graph Search Changes

Facebook has made some minor changes to Graph Search over the past couple of days. Unfortunately, it has not stopped people calling themselves a ‘Social Media Ninja’, but I can’t have everything on my Santa list at once I suppose.   You can:- Now search against posts that have been made available to you. This

Top 10 Tools Recruiters should be using now!

These are my top ten tools to use to help source candidates and effectively contact them. It’s by no means a definitive guide and please note that new tools are coming out every day. I welcome your suggestions! It’s also worth noting that every tools work differently and might use your personal information in different

Google+ vs the World

Cards on the table. I love Google+. Why? The user interface is amazing. The content is heavily indexed by the Google search engine, so x-ray searches are really powerful. Google Hangouts is the best free messaging platform available on the desktop. (WhatsApp is still better on mobile). The profile layout and content is superb for searching

Recruiters – do you need a LinkedIn profile?

I’m not asking whether you need a Premium or Recruiter license. I mean any type of LinkedIn profile. Let’s consider the main reasons recruiters use LinkedIn – can the same results be achieved without a profile? NB – One important thing to remember – around 50% of the UK working population have a LinkedIn profile

Can you approach candidates by work email?

Oh no.” said the recruiter. “We couldn’t possibly approach a candidate on their work email address. What if their employer reads it and….”   This is still a regular conversation that we have with our clients (this might be a Scottish thing, but I would be interested to hear if this happens in other parts
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