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The 8 Worst LinkedIn Crimes

I’m sure we have all come across a profile on LinkedIn that has made us raise an eyebrow, or roll an eye. Siobhan, a member of our research team here at SMS, has written a great list of the 8 worst LinkedIn crimes. Hopefully you don’t recognise any indiscretions as you scroll through the list!  

How To Use Apps to Market Your Brand

How To Use Apps to Market Your Brand Often mobile apps are dismissed as “fads” that are not worth spending time and effort using for marketing. However some are standing the test of time, being used by huge brands, and other up and comers are causing a stir as people begin to discuss their marketing

Marketing related tips for recruitment?

While a lot of recruiters and recruiting personnel might think that what they do is extremely unique from any other business function, I believe that recruitment and marketing are intrinsically linked, and there are a lot of things that recruiters can and should learn from marketing. Just like marketing, the aim of recruitment is to

Recruitment Bread and Butter Anyone?

Recruitment Bread and Butter Anyone? By Kim Williamson Times have changed and we have a whole new workforce who grew up with the internet which changes things a lot more than most people think. Having grown up with the www at their fingertips, Millennials (current 21 – 35ish year old) and Generation Z (those who

Recruiting creative talent? Try Behance

Recruiting creative talent? Try Behance Long before the corporate world adopted the use of internet and social media for personal branding purposes, designers and creative have been using blogs, online portfolios, and visual CVs to promote their work to potential employers. However, the majority of social recruiting is done using sites like LinkedIn and Facebook.

LinkedIn Openlink

So Linkedin is cracking down on what is possible from a basic profile which clearly effects recruiters, however the rather forgotten link is jobseekers. I have personally been contacted about opportunities in the past. Some I have been interested in and others that didn’t suit my situation at the time but are still relevant so

Stop searching LinkedIn? Not in a Boolean years

Stop searching LinkedIn? Not in a Boolean years By now, news of LinkedIn’s new commercial search limit has spread like wildfire and a lot of people initially overcome by righteous indignation (how dare LinkedIn try to make money) are starting to realise that this is how it’s going to be for the foreseeable future. Before
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