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LinkedIn Groups Whitepaper

How To Create a LinkedIn Group

LinkedIn Groups are online meeting places where you can engage with new people and demonstrate expertise or thought leadership. They are themed communities of like-minded people, and are often industry-related, event based or focused on an area of common interest. This whitepaper will cover the key elements involved in building a successful LinkedIn Group.

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recruiter licence

Do you need a LinkedIn Recruiter licence?

The LinkedIn Recruiter licence is an enticing proposition. However there are a number of important points to consider when purchasing it due to the significant cost. Let’s consider the main reasons you are considering buying a LinkedIn Recruiter licence.

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benefits of LinkedIn

LinkedIn as a Business Tool

Online professional networks, such as LinkedIn, are full of opportunities for B2B enterprises. As the name suggests, they offer an excellent platform for networking, but there are other, less obvious ways in which they can be used to win work, and achieve influence.

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Outplacement Services

As the world changes fast and many international businesses have a requirement to adapt the shape of their workforce for the future, labour optimisation becomes more and more important and unfortunately for many people, this means they need to find new homes.Because of this, we’ve been asked by HRDs to re-emphasise our social media contact-building services to helping sometimes long-serving professionals who haven’t been in the job market for a decade or more to get connected with head-hunters, internal recruiters, private equity investors, consulting firms and chairs/CEOs of businesses they are interested in working with.

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social media policy

Social Media Policy

The use of social media is becoming ever more prevalent. Sites like Facebook, Google+, Twitter and LinkedIn are used by millions of people around the world in both their personal and professional lives. However, along with the benefits come a number of risks. This is where a social media policy comes in…

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The Ultimate Guide to Talent Brand

The Ultimate Guide to Talent Brand

Do you want to understand how to best use your hiring managers to attract great talent? For the answers, download your whitepaper, The Ultimate Guide to Talent Brand Information Includes: Optimising your Hiring Managers’ profiles Finding your total addressable market The ultimate method of nurturing candidates Excellent social media tools

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