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Utopia for Employer Branding

Utopia for Employer Branding “Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half,” said US merchant and retailer John Wanamaker around 100 years ago. Today, it’s so much easier to measure ROI on advertising and other forms of marketing, depending on how smart your approach. Yet for

10 Short and Sweet LinkedIn Tips

10 Short and Sweet LinkedIn Tips If you follow Adam on Twitter, you will have seen his 10 short and sweet LinkedIn tips. LinkedIn doesn’t have to be complicated. Having a great profile is really important, so if you feel you’re not up to scratch, use the below as a check list: 1) Add a

Focus on Talent Brand

Employer brand? Tick. New focus? Talent brand! Adam published to LinkedIn his thoughts on what we should now be focussing on… When I first stepped full-time into the world of recruitment marketing in 2002, employer brand was all the rage. Thought leaders were evangelising, most businesses didn’t have one yet and it took quite a

‘Join Our Talent Pool’ – A Shallow Request?

I’ve seen some big and (I assumed) sophisticated companies calling for people to join their ‘talent pool’ recently. “Calling top lawyers – we’re great; come and join our talent pool.” What the……..? I don’t know why I am continuously surprised to see global companies being so incredibly naïve and arrogant, because it happens all the

How to use Twitter for business development and recruitment

How to use Twitter for business development and recruitment Confirm to yourself who you want to build relationships with and who you want to see your messages online – this is the most important process you need to do. It may include your clients, prospective clients, candidates, prospective candidates, prospective employers, journalists, thought leaders, people
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