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Pros and Cons of LinkedIn Showcase Pages

Pros & Cons of LinkedIn Showcase Pages   LinkedIn Showcase pages are an extension of your LinkedIn company page that are designed to highlight a segment of your business and create a space for published refined content for a narrower and more specific audience. Great online profiles are a key part of our core ExecConnections service and

Your Hiring Manager on LinkedIn

Taking a look at how best to use your hiring manager on LinkedIn   At Social Media Search, much of what we do involves placing the hiring manager at the centre of what we call, “Relationship Building Recruitment” through our ExecConnections process. The hiring manager is an underutilised tool in the recruitment process which we

Specialist Social Media Sites

One of our Social Media Analysts, Jen, takes a look at some of the specialist social media sites that exist for niche interests. As the popularity of Social Media continues to grow, finding like minded individuals in a growing online network becomes much more difficult. While a major selling point for big player sites like

Tips for LinkedIn Networking

LinkedIn networking can seem daunting, so we pulled together a few tips to making the most of the social network. Security settings exist for a reason: to limit spam and to keep social media platforms as a safe way to interact with others online. While we can all agree that this is a useful feature,

Focus on Talent Brand

Employer brand? Tick. New focus? Talent brand! Adam published to LinkedIn his thoughts on what we should now be focussing on… When I first stepped full-time into the world of recruitment marketing in 2002, employer brand was all the rage. Thought leaders were evangelising, most businesses didn’t have one yet and it took quite a

The Number 1 Way for Partners in Professional Services Firms to Make Social Media Work [Infographic]

Partners in professional services marketplace are starting to move out from the ‘experimental’ phase of social media, and to get real business benefits. So, how do you use social media to build new relationships, engage with leaders in the area, and win new business? Partners have a great potential to see huge return-on-investment benefits from social

How To Use Apps to Market Your Brand

How To Use Apps to Market Your Brand Often mobile apps are dismissed as “fads” that are not worth spending time and effort using for marketing. However some are standing the test of time, being used by huge brands, and other up and comers are causing a stir as people begin to discuss their marketing

Marketing related tips for recruitment?

While a lot of recruiters and recruiting personnel might think that what they do is extremely unique from any other business function, I believe that recruitment and marketing are intrinsically linked, and there are a lot of things that recruiters can and should learn from marketing. Just like marketing, the aim of recruitment is to
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