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Boolean Search Cheat Sheet

Siobhan, one of our Social Media Analysts at Social Media Search, recently put together this Boolean Search Cheat Sheet for a training session we ran. As it is a great introduction in to the world of sourcing, it seemed like the ideal piece to share! Boolean Search Boolean is a type of search which allows

Finding LinkedIn Profiles on Google

Finding LinkedIn Profiles on Google Finding LinkedIn profiles on Google doesn’t have to be complicated, as Google indexes LinkedIn public pages. Getting your strings in a twist? Don’t worry! Writing complex Boolean Strings can be both time consuming and difficult, especially for those new to sourcing. Member profiles that are public have either “/in” or “/pub” in their

X-Ray Searching On XING

  Recently, more and more of our clients have asked us to source candidates primarily on XING. Now, you can opt to pay for the premium account to use the advanced search option, but there are ways to search with a free account. However, while searching for German speaking candidates, it became apparent that there

Recruiting creative talent? Try Behance

Recruiting creative talent? Try Behance Long before the corporate world adopted the use of internet and social media for personal branding purposes, designers and creative have been using blogs, online portfolios, and visual CVs to promote their work to potential employers. However, the majority of social recruiting is done using sites like LinkedIn and Facebook.

Recruiters – do you need a LinkedIn profile?

I’m not asking whether you need a Premium or Recruiter license. I mean any type of LinkedIn profile. Let’s consider the main reasons recruiters use LinkedIn – can the same results be achieved without a profile? NB – One important thing to remember – around 50% of the UK working population have a LinkedIn profile

Sourcing for Developers [VIDEO]

Are you well versed with technical sourcing sites? In this video, our Research and Sourcing manager Billy McDiarmid will cover the most important things you need to know about: 1. Find the best sites to use 2. How to X-ray technical sites 3. How to search for technical skills, synonyms etc. For more information about
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