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Utopia for Employer Branding

Utopia for Employer Branding “Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half,” said US merchant and retailer John Wanamaker around 100 years ago. Today, it’s so much easier to measure ROI on advertising and other forms of marketing, depending on how smart your approach. Yet for

Pros and Cons of LinkedIn Showcase Pages

Pros & Cons of LinkedIn Showcase Pages   LinkedIn Showcase pages are an extension of your LinkedIn company page that are designed to highlight a segment of your business and create a space for published refined content for a narrower and more specific audience. Great online profiles are a key part of our core ExecConnections service and

Your Hiring Manager on LinkedIn

Taking a look at how best to use your hiring manager on LinkedIn   At Social Media Search, much of what we do involves placing the hiring manager at the centre of what we call, “Relationship Building Recruitment” through our ExecConnections process. The hiring manager is an underutilised tool in the recruitment process which we

The Power of the Employee Voice

We have looked at the power of the employee voice and how important we think building a strong talent brand is a lot since Adam first covered it in a blog in November.   Whether this is looking at how to best leverage the employee voice across specific social media channels or simple advice to ensuring your

Focus on Talent Brand

Employer brand? Tick. New focus? Talent brand! Adam published to LinkedIn his thoughts on what we should now be focussing on… When I first stepped full-time into the world of recruitment marketing in 2002, employer brand was all the rage. Thought leaders were evangelising, most businesses didn’t have one yet and it took quite a

5 Key Steps for a Successful Interview

5 Key Steps for a Successful Interview No matter where you are in your career from graduate to director level interviews can be stressful and unnerving. No matter how many times you have interviewed in your life time you are going to be sitting in that chair because it’s something you want and in some

Using Social Media to Boost your Employer Brand

Using Social Media to Boost your Employer Brand Everyone scopes out everything on social media these days. Your friend has a date? You snoop around their love interest’s Facebook together. There’s something on the news and you want to see if everyone agrees with you about it? Check Twitter. You’ve been offered an interview with

Sourcing Talent On GitHub

Sourcing Talent On GitHub At Social Media Search we use as many websites as possible to search and find talent. This includes GitHub. GitHub is an open platform where developers over the world “hang out” and share code. As the site provides a social networking function we can search profiles and source talent for a
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