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5 Key Steps for a Successful Interview

5 Key Steps for a Successful Interview No matter where you are in your career from graduate to director level interviews can be stressful and unnerving. No matter how many times you have interviewed in your life time you are going to be sitting in that chair because it’s something you want and in some

Using Social Media to Boost your Employer Brand

Using Social Media to Boost your Employer Brand Everyone scopes out everything on social media these days. Your friend has a date? You snoop around their love interest’s Facebook together. There’s something on the news and you want to see if everyone agrees with you about it? Check Twitter. You’ve been offered an interview with

Sourcing Talent On GitHub

Sourcing Talent On GitHub At Social Media Search we use as many websites as possible to search and find talent. This includes GitHub. GitHub is an open platform where developers over the world “hang out” and share code. As the site provides a social networking function we can search profiles and source talent for a

Top 10 Tools Recruiters should be using now!

These are my top ten tools to use to help source candidates and effectively contact them. It’s by no means a definitive guide and please note that new tools are coming out every day. I welcome your suggestions! It’s also worth noting that every tools work differently and might use your personal information in different

8 ‘must do’ things to optimise the response to your social media candidate outreach – input from Ben McCann of Molson Coors

This is written specifically with recruiting in mind but the learnings in here are absolutely valid to approaching potential employers, prospective customers, journalists or anyone else you want to build a relationship with. 1) Don’t waste your time sending messages to the wrong people; make sure you’ve qualified that the people you’re targeting are relevant.

The Rules of Attraction by Billy McDiarmid

At Social Media Search, our main approach is to use search techniques and tools to source potential passive candidates. But we also work with employers to attract candidates using a variety of other methods on social media. Here are my top five tips when attracting candidates using Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites. (1)
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