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7 LinkedIn Tips for Graduates

7 LinkedIn Tips for Graduates to help with the grad job search We have put together some LinkedIn tips for graduates because we know that the graduate job hunt is a merciless quest of CV amendments, psychometric tests and automated rejection emails. We all know the pitfalls and have heard the horror stories of excellent

Social Media Tips to help your brand stand out

Quick Social Media Tips Building a strong brand presence on social media is crucial if you are to use social media for recruitment. Posting can be a bit daunting for a brand, especially when it seems like you’ll just be lost in the din. Fear not! Social media doesn’t have to be complicated, and we’ve

The 8 Worst LinkedIn Crimes

I’m sure we have all come across a profile on LinkedIn that has made us raise an eyebrow, or roll an eye. Siobhan, a member of our research team here at SMS, has written a great list of the 8 worst LinkedIn crimes. Hopefully you don’t recognise any indiscretions as you scroll through the list!  

Tips for Recruiting on Instagram

Instagram is a dynamic social media app, that has a lot of potential as a recruitment tool. We have posted other pieces about smart sourcing on Twitter (http://bit.ly/1NmXtKO), on LinkedIn (http://bit.ly/1ObxG5m), and about the power of the passive candidate (http://bit.ly/1PYCyLH) but this time we’ve written up some tips for recruiting on Instagram. Recruiting on social

‘Join Our Talent Pool’ – A Shallow Request?

I’ve seen some big and (I assumed) sophisticated companies calling for people to join their ‘talent pool’ recently. “Calling top lawyers – we’re great; come and join our talent pool.” What the……..? I don’t know why I am continuously surprised to see global companies being so incredibly naïve and arrogant, because it happens all the

How To Use Apps to Market Your Brand

How To Use Apps to Market Your Brand Often mobile apps are dismissed as “fads” that are not worth spending time and effort using for marketing. However some are standing the test of time, being used by huge brands, and other up and comers are causing a stir as people begin to discuss their marketing

How to use Twitter for business development and recruitment

How to use Twitter for business development and recruitment Confirm to yourself who you want to build relationships with and who you want to see your messages online – this is the most important process you need to do. It may include your clients, prospective clients, candidates, prospective candidates, prospective employers, journalists, thought leaders, people

Recruiting creative talent? Try Behance

Recruiting creative talent? Try Behance Long before the corporate world adopted the use of internet and social media for personal branding purposes, designers and creative have been using blogs, online portfolios, and visual CVs to promote their work to potential employers. However, the majority of social recruiting is done using sites like LinkedIn and Facebook.
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