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Review of Facebook Search Tool

Facebook Search Tool After the functionalities of Facebook Graph search changed last year, I came across this great Facebook search tool. The newer version is available to download as a Google Chrome Extension which I have found to be really useful, however, you must make sure that your language is set to English (US) in

The New Facebook Reactions

We take a brief look at the new Facebook Reactions Facebook users have long lamented the lack of a dislike button on the social network, and a few months ago Mark Zuckerberg hinted that Facebook might be launching just that. Alas, Mark was teasing. Instead of a simple thumbs down, the Facebook team have provided

Social Media Tips to help your brand stand out

Quick Social Media Tips Building a strong brand presence on social media is crucial if you are to use social media for recruitment. Posting can be a bit daunting for a brand, especially when it seems like you’ll just be lost in the din. Fear not! Social media doesn’t have to be complicated, and we’ve

Facebook – Graph Search Changes

Facebook has made some minor changes to Graph Search over the past couple of days. Unfortunately, it has not stopped people calling themselves a ‘Social Media Ninja’, but I can’t have everything on my Santa list at once I suppose.   You can:- Now search against posts that have been made available to you. This

Recruiters – try Facebook for Recruiting

The nature of Facebook’s business model (targeted advertising) means that it is focused on capturing as much information about users as possible. Graph Search is the method that can be used to extract this information. Some important points to note about Graph Search:- It’s semantic – so it looks at context and meaning, rather than
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