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Optimising your LinkedIn and Twitter for Search

Have you ever considered optimising your LinkedIn and Twitter for search? Thought about what you need to do to boost your profile to the front of Google? Don’t worry if you haven’t, because we have! Siobhan from our Research Team has kindly put together a few tips on getting your LinkedIn and Twitter profiles up

Finding LinkedIn Profiles on Google

Finding LinkedIn Profiles on Google Finding LinkedIn profiles on Google doesn’t have to be complicated, as Google indexes LinkedIn public pages. Getting your strings in a twist? Don’t worry! Writing complex Boolean Strings can be both time consuming and difficult, especially for those new to sourcing. Member profiles that are public have either “/in” or “/pub” in their

Sourcing Talent On GitHub

Sourcing Talent On GitHub At Social Media Search we use as many websites as possible to search and find talent. This includes GitHub. GitHub is an open platform where developers over the world “hang out” and share code. As the site provides a social networking function we can search profiles and source talent for a

How To Source Stack Overflow

Stack Overflow is this beautiful thing created by Jeff Atwood and Joel Spolsky in 2008 where computer programmers ask and answer various computer programming related questions. For us sourcers this means they have access to a sea of potential candidates bragging about their programming skills. The registered users get to ask and answer questions as

The Power of LinkedIn: Engaging with your followers

The Power of LinkedIn: Engaging with your followers LinkedIn is now the third-fastest growing social network behind Instagram and Reddit. So how can you take advantage of the increased interest in LinkedIn to engage with your followers? Here are some key points to consider when sharing content with your companies’ followers. Think about your content

Google+ vs the World

Cards on the table. I love Google+. Why? The user interface is amazing. The content is heavily indexed by the Google search engine, so x-ray searches are really powerful. Google Hangouts is the best free messaging platform available on the desktop. (WhatsApp is still better on mobile). The profile layout and content is superb for searching

Sourcing for Developers [VIDEO]

Are you well versed with technical sourcing sites? In this video, our Research and Sourcing manager Billy McDiarmid will cover the most important things you need to know about: 1. Find the best sites to use 2. How to X-ray technical sites 3. How to search for technical skills, synonyms etc. For more information about

Targeting events to source candidates

I love Meetup. It’s a rich source and is my go-to place when I have a brief from a client that’s a little bit different. The open nature of the site has provided me with a few great leads in candidate driven markets. I had some time last week, and started to think about the
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