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A Word On LinkedIn Groups

We took inspiration from our past whitepaper on LinkedIn Groups and have taken an updated look at the functionality. Setting up LinkedIn groups and maintaining and keeping members engaged is a challenge. However, if played to an advantage online communities can bring reap rewards.   According to LinkedIn, LinkedIn Groups, “provide a place for professionals

The Power of LinkedIn: Engaging with your followers

The Power of LinkedIn: Engaging with your followers LinkedIn is now the third-fastest growing social network behind Instagram and Reddit. So how can you take advantage of the increased interest in LinkedIn to engage with your followers? Here are some key points to consider when sharing content with your companies’ followers. Think about your content

Why would I build my own LinkedIn Groups?

Over the last 5 years people have often told me they’ve tried to build LinkedIn Groups but ‘they just don’t work’.. My response is that you’ve probably made one of the three key mistakes; you’ve over-branded the Group, you’ve not created a strong enough guest list or you don’t have a robust content schedule. LinkedIn

New Resident Experts for Cognisance – join now if you’re not yet a member

Our LinkedIn Groups, Cognisance: Essential Knowledge for Professional Londoners (1,100+ members) and Cognisance: Essential Knowledge for Professional Scots (3,000+ members) are being ‘re-launched’ tomorrow with new managers acting as resident subject experts. Our new team for London is: – Tax: Tony Spillett, Partner & Head of TMT Tax, BDO – Digital: Shaun Gregory, Managing Director,

New look for LinkedIn Groups

LinkedIn’s been around since 2003 and Groups, one of LinkedIn’s most popular and useful features were created in 2004. There are more than 2 million LinkedIn Groups now about most topics you can possibly think of. 8,000 new Groups are created every day, although admittedly very few are created well.   If you’re a regular

LinkedIn Groups in numbers

A lot of people have been asking about LinkedIn Groups and the cans/can’t dos so here’s a refresher: –       Members can own or manage up to 10 Groups at one time –       Members can own up to 20 subgroups at one time –       Members can be moderators of up to 50 Groups –       Members can

How to stop getting too much info from LinkedIn

  I’ve heard a few people complaining about the volume of useless information they’re getting from LinkedIn and much as people are getting more professional value than ever from LinkedIn Groups, you still need to wade through a degree of ‘noise’ to get to it. So, here are some simple ways to make this all
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