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Utopia for Employer Branding

Utopia for Employer Branding “Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half,” said US merchant and retailer John Wanamaker around 100 years ago. Today, it’s so much easier to measure ROI on advertising and other forms of marketing, depending on how smart your approach. Yet for

Pros and Cons of LinkedIn Showcase Pages

Pros & Cons of LinkedIn Showcase Pages   LinkedIn Showcase pages are an extension of your LinkedIn company page that are designed to highlight a segment of your business and create a space for published refined content for a narrower and more specific audience. Great online profiles are a key part of our core ExecConnections service and

Your Hiring Manager on LinkedIn

Taking a look at how best to use your hiring manager on LinkedIn   At Social Media Search, much of what we do involves placing the hiring manager at the centre of what we call, “Relationship Building Recruitment” through our ExecConnections process. The hiring manager is an underutilised tool in the recruitment process which we

A Word On LinkedIn Groups

We took inspiration from our past whitepaper on LinkedIn Groups and have taken an updated look at the functionality. Setting up LinkedIn groups and maintaining and keeping members engaged is a challenge. However, if played to an advantage online communities can bring reap rewards.   According to LinkedIn, LinkedIn Groups, “provide a place for professionals

Tips for LinkedIn Networking

LinkedIn networking can seem daunting, so we pulled together a few tips to making the most of the social network. Security settings exist for a reason: to limit spam and to keep social media platforms as a safe way to interact with others online. While we can all agree that this is a useful feature,

How to use your LinkedIn Signal

LinkedIn’s new private job post functionality – your LinkedIn Signal You can now share your interest in a new role (your ‘LinkedIn signal’) with recruiters for 90 days. You can turn this off or update your LinkedIn signal to recruiters at any time. After 90 days, LinkedIn will stop sharing your interests so that your information

Recipe for the Perfect LinkedIn Profile

Your LinkedIn profile doesn’t have to be complicated In saying that, having a stellar profile is really important, so if you feel you’re not up to scratch, why not see what recipe we use for a great LinkedIn profile. Add a background image so your Linked profile is distinctive –  your marketing department may have stock photos you could use

7 LinkedIn Tips for Graduates

7 LinkedIn Tips for Graduates to help with the grad job search We have put together some LinkedIn tips for graduates because we know that the graduate job hunt is a merciless quest of CV amendments, psychometric tests and automated rejection emails. We all know the pitfalls and have heard the horror stories of excellent

Our Top 8 LinkedIn Bloopers

  LinkedIn Bloopers to Avoid The first step in our ExecConnections process is optimising the hiring manager’s online profile. Take a look below to see what LinkedIn bloopers we come across the most, and why they are such a big ‘no-no’. 1. Having no profile picture People like to put a face to a name and
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