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X-Ray Searching On XING

  Recently, more and more of our clients have asked us to source candidates primarily on XING. Now, you can opt to pay for the premium account to use the advanced search option, but there are ways to search with a free account. However, while searching for German speaking candidates, it became apparent that there

Google+ vs the World

Cards on the table. I love Google+. Why? The user interface is amazing. The content is heavily indexed by the Google search engine, so x-ray searches are really powerful. Google Hangouts is the best free messaging platform available on the desktop. (WhatsApp is still better on mobile). The profile layout and content is superb for searching

5 ways to make sourcing easy

Don’t over-complicate recruitment. Often the best approach to finding people is to make life easy. It’s amazing what you can find with a more straightforward approach! (1) X-Ray search company websites Company websites have a plethora of data that you just wouldn’t find through normal navigation. Always try an x-ray search. Great example:- site:www.aig.co.uk “casualty

Case Study: Sourcing hard-to-fill roles for not for profits

A leading Scottish charity were seeking a senior technical consultant to join their team. Over the previous 12 months they tried a variety of methods to source a suitable candidate include engaging with agencies, advertising on job boards, searching CV databases and seeking referrals, but had so far been unsuccessful. Due to their ongoing expansion, this hire was

Stay up to date with Google updates

As the more attentive of you may have noticed, Google search results are looking a little different lately. So what’s changed? Most likely you’ll first notice that your results have lost their underline. The type size has actually been increased as well for easier reading. It’s not just the result titles either, the adverts have
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