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Using The Relationship Pyramid on Social Media

Using the Relationship Pyramid for recruitment and sales on social media   The basic premise is that relationships work in the same way in people’s personal and professional lives and can be explained in a ‘relationship pyramid’. While this is traditionally applied to face to face interactions, the same principles can be adapted and incredibly

Social Media Tips to help your brand stand out

Quick Social Media Tips Building a strong brand presence on social media is crucial if you are to use social media for recruitment. Posting can be a bit daunting for a brand, especially when it seems like you’ll just be lost in the din. Fear not! Social media doesn’t have to be complicated, and we’ve

Snapchat for Recruitment?

Recruiting on Snapchat Using Snapchat for recruitment seems a little unorthodox, but sometimes thinking outside the box can work. Earlier in September, Goldman Sachs became the first major Wall Street Bank to post quick hit recruitment ads on Snapchat. In April Snapchat utilised their geo-filters feature to target employees at Uber, AirBNB, Twitter and Pinterest,

Tips for Recruiting on Instagram

Instagram is a dynamic social media app, that has a lot of potential as a recruitment tool. We have posted other pieces about smart sourcing on Twitter (http://bit.ly/1NmXtKO), on LinkedIn (http://bit.ly/1ObxG5m), and about the power of the passive candidate (http://bit.ly/1PYCyLH) but this time we’ve written up some tips for recruiting on Instagram. Recruiting on social

Pointers for Writing a Great Bio

“Bears, Beets, Battlestar Galactica” : It didn’t take much for Jim to summarise Dwight, but it isn’t always that easy to capture such a concise snapshot. Writing about yourself is a notoriously difficult task, yet writing a great bio shouldn’t be so hard! We did a bit of research to help you get the best out of

5 Personal Branding Tips To Get You Ahead

The management and promotion of a brand is essential to marketing any product. Strong brand messages conveyed through names, logos or symbols can engage and connect with consumers while emphasising positive qualities, distinctiveness and merit. These are all characteristics equally important when it comes to promoting ourselves, (our personal brand), both in terms of gaining


Having worked across a few related sectors in business in Scotland, there is something that always keeps me quite entertained; how incestuous it is. I’m not talking here about inappropriate romances (although those in offices provide their own source of amusement) but the simple fact that everyone seems to know lots of the same people.

What LinkedIn Groups should I join?

I’ve spent the last 3+ years observing and taking part in LinkedIn Groups and they are becoming more and more useful. At most times, I am a member of the maximum number of LinkedIn Groups you can join – 50. Periodically, I audit the Groups I am connected to, remove the 5 that are of

LinkedIn tips for recruiters….

1)      Make sure your profile’s compelling. Recent evidence I’ve gleaned from my friends in the HR world tells me that HR professionals use LinkedIn to find specialists in the recruitment industry every day. If you are an in-house recruiter, make sure your profile reflects all the benefits, tangible and otherwise, of working at your organisation.

LinkedIn strategies for lawyers & accountants

My company has worked with around 60 partners and other business leaders in professional services firms across the UK over the last 6 months, helping them to use sites like LinkedIn to create new-business opportunities. Here are a couple of the strategies my team and I have helped them to execute. I think you’ll find
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