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Specialist Social Media Sites

One of our Social Media Analysts, Jen, takes a look at some of the specialist social media sites that exist for niche interests. As the popularity of Social Media continues to grow, finding like minded individuals in a growing online network becomes much more difficult. While a major selling point for big player sites like

Boolean Search Cheat Sheet

Siobhan, one of our Social Media Analysts at Social Media Search, recently put together this Boolean Search Cheat Sheet for a training session we ran. As it is a great introduction in to the world of sourcing, it seemed like the ideal piece to share! Boolean Search Boolean is a type of search which allows

How to use Twitter for Recruitment

Laura is continuing our focus on how different social media channels can aide your talent brand, it is now time to take a look at how your brand can use Twitter for recruitment. Twitter is a tool that can effectively be used to recruit the best candidates if you know how to use it to

Social media & diversity in your shortlists

Social media & diversity in your shortlists We have spoken a lot recently about the importance of social media for building your talent brand and utilising your employees to ensure that your company looks like a great place to work. Today we’ll discuss a way to use social media to create diversity in your short lists. Our

3 Chrome Extensions you need to know about

3 Chrome Extensions you need to know about Want to get the best out of your search? There are tons of tools available to help with sourcing and we’ve linked 3 of our current favourite Chrome Extensions below. Facebook/LinkedIn search by Shane McCusker  An easy to use Chrome Extension that enables a search for multiple things at

Review of Facebook Search Tool

Facebook Search Tool After the functionalities of Facebook Graph search changed last year, I came across this great Facebook search tool. The newer version is available to download as a Google Chrome Extension which I have found to be really useful, however, you must make sure that your language is set to English (US) in

Optimising your LinkedIn and Twitter for Search

Have you ever considered optimising your LinkedIn and Twitter for search? Thought about what you need to do to boost your profile to the front of Google? Don’t worry if you haven’t, because we have! Siobhan from our Research Team has kindly put together a few tips on getting your LinkedIn and Twitter profiles up

Finding LinkedIn Profiles on Google

Finding LinkedIn Profiles on Google Finding LinkedIn profiles on Google doesn’t have to be complicated, as Google indexes LinkedIn public pages. Getting your strings in a twist? Don’t worry! Writing complex Boolean Strings can be both time consuming and difficult, especially for those new to sourcing. Member profiles that are public have either “/in” or “/pub” in their

Tips for Recruiting on Instagram

Instagram is a dynamic social media app, that has a lot of potential as a recruitment tool. We have posted other pieces about smart sourcing on Twitter (http://bit.ly/1NmXtKO), on LinkedIn (http://bit.ly/1ObxG5m), and about the power of the passive candidate (http://bit.ly/1PYCyLH) but this time we’ve written up some tips for recruiting on Instagram. Recruiting on social

X-Ray Searching On XING

  Recently, more and more of our clients have asked us to source candidates primarily on XING. Now, you can opt to pay for the premium account to use the advanced search option, but there are ways to search with a free account. However, while searching for German speaking candidates, it became apparent that there
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