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Utopia for Employer Branding

Utopia for Employer Branding “Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half,” said US merchant and retailer John Wanamaker around 100 years ago. Today, it’s so much easier to measure ROI on advertising and other forms of marketing, depending on how smart your approach. Yet for

Your Hiring Manager on LinkedIn

Taking a look at how best to use your hiring manager on LinkedIn   At Social Media Search, much of what we do involves placing the hiring manager at the centre of what we call, “Relationship Building Recruitment” through our ExecConnections process. The hiring manager is an underutilised tool in the recruitment process which we

Specialist Social Media Sites

One of our Social Media Analysts, Jen, takes a look at some of the specialist social media sites that exist for niche interests. As the popularity of Social Media continues to grow, finding like minded individuals in a growing online network becomes much more difficult. While a major selling point for big player sites like

A deeper look at Candidate Nurturing

Candidate nurturing is a key component of the ExecConnections campaign. We recommend an innovative recruitment technology product called CandidateID. CandidateID is talent generation software which enables employers to create and nurture talent pools and importantly, to filter candidates based on our unique IDScore which measures their desire to work for your organisation, in real time. This helps

Talent Generation Case Study

Talent Generation Case Study Siobhan, one of our Social Media Analysts  has summarised one of our talent generation exercises to highlight how simple and powerful a process it is. One of our core services at Social Media Search is known as ‘ExecConnections’. Put simply, this is a contact building talent generation for hiring managers. We recently undertook an

How to use your LinkedIn Signal

LinkedIn’s new private job post functionality – your LinkedIn Signal You can now share your interest in a new role (your ‘LinkedIn signal’) with recruiters for 90 days. You can turn this off or update your LinkedIn signal to recruiters at any time. After 90 days, LinkedIn will stop sharing your interests so that your information

History of Social Media Recruitment

History of Social Media Recruitment Social Media recruitment is not a new concept – Facebook is now over a decade old – yet for a company not utilising Social Media for recruiting top talent, it is revolutionary. As social platforms have grown, search functions have become more sophisticated and have changed the ways in which

Boolean Search Cheat Sheet

Siobhan, one of our Social Media Analysts at Social Media Search, recently put together this Boolean Search Cheat Sheet for a training session we ran. As it is a great introduction in to the world of sourcing, it seemed like the ideal piece to share! Boolean Search Boolean is a type of search which allows

How Snapchat can boost your Talent Brand strategy

Join Laura as she chats about how Snapchat can boost your Talent Brand strategy You’re probably thinking, ‘Snapchat for recruitment? Really?’ Please stay with me as this social media as a recruitment tool may not be for every company out there but when it works, it really works. Snapchat has 200 million monthly users and allows for
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