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Pros and Cons of LinkedIn Showcase Pages

Pros & Cons of LinkedIn Showcase Pages   LinkedIn Showcase pages are an extension of your LinkedIn company page that are designed to highlight a segment of your business and create a space for published refined content for a narrower and more specific audience. Great online profiles are a key part of our core ExecConnections service and

Your Hiring Manager on LinkedIn

Taking a look at how best to use your hiring manager on LinkedIn   At Social Media Search, much of what we do involves placing the hiring manager at the centre of what we call, “Relationship Building Recruitment” through our ExecConnections process. The hiring manager is an underutilised tool in the recruitment process which we

A Word On LinkedIn Groups

We took inspiration from our past whitepaper on LinkedIn Groups and have taken an updated look at the functionality. Setting up LinkedIn groups and maintaining and keeping members engaged is a challenge. However, if played to an advantage online communities can bring reap rewards.   According to LinkedIn, LinkedIn Groups, “provide a place for professionals

The Power of the Employee Voice

We have looked at the power of the employee voice and how important we think building a strong talent brand is a lot since Adam first covered it in a blog in November.   Whether this is looking at how to best leverage the employee voice across specific social media channels or simple advice to ensuring your

Recipe for the Perfect LinkedIn Profile

Your LinkedIn profile doesn’t have to be complicated In saying that, having a stellar profile is really important, so if you feel you’re not up to scratch, why not see what recipe we use for a great LinkedIn profile. Add a background image so your Linked profile is distinctive –  your marketing department may have stock photos you could use

Get Your Employees Involved On Social Media

Discover 5 ways to get your employees involved on social media Your employees are an untapped resource, providing a bigger audience reach and loads of great engagement. They are polled as being three times more trusted than your CEO, so also providing more impact and credibility than your singular company updates on social media. Companies such as

Your Employees as Social Media Superstars

  Your Employees as Social Media Superstars Let’s get started in transforming your employees in to social media superstars. We have written at length on the importance of talent brand, and especially how to use your hiring managers to make your company look like a great place to work. There are steps you can take

How to have a great LinkedIn Company Page

Give your LinkedIn Company page a boost We would like to talk about how you can make your LinkedIn company page stand out. Our social media accounts at the moment are saturated with talk about talent brand. Having a great online profile is a key part of our core ExecConnections service and we’re constantly evangelising

How Snapchat can boost your Talent Brand strategy

Join Laura as she chats about how Snapchat can boost your Talent Brand strategy You’re probably thinking, ‘Snapchat for recruitment? Really?’ Please stay with me as this social media as a recruitment tool may not be for every company out there but when it works, it really works. Snapchat has 200 million monthly users and allows for

Talent Brand & Instagram

As a self-confessed Instagram addict, I feel that it is only right that I try and persuade you to tap into its 300 million active users. Instagram has transformed from being a trendy app to a huge social network within a few years. Around 49% of its users visit daily, with the vast majority of them
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