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A Word On LinkedIn Groups

We took inspiration from our past whitepaper on LinkedIn Groups and have taken an updated look at the functionality. Setting up LinkedIn groups and maintaining and keeping members engaged is a challenge. However, if played to an advantage online communities can bring reap rewards.   According to LinkedIn, LinkedIn Groups, “provide a place for professionals

Specialist Social Media Sites

One of our Social Media Analysts, Jen, takes a look at some of the specialist social media sites that exist for niche interests. As the popularity of Social Media continues to grow, finding like minded individuals in a growing online network becomes much more difficult. While a major selling point for big player sites like

Boolean Search Cheat Sheet

Siobhan, one of our Social Media Analysts at Social Media Search, recently put together this Boolean Search Cheat Sheet for a training session we ran. As it is a great introduction in to the world of sourcing, it seemed like the ideal piece to share! Boolean Search Boolean is a type of search which allows

Using The Relationship Pyramid on Social Media

Using the Relationship Pyramid for recruitment and sales on social media   The basic premise is that relationships work in the same way in people’s personal and professional lives and can be explained in a ‘relationship pyramid’. While this is traditionally applied to face to face interactions, the same principles can be adapted and incredibly

Does RPO conflict with direct sourcing?

I had a very interesting conversation with a senior figure in a well-known RPO business recently about some of the work we do helping businesses to develop their own networks for recruitment (i.e. connecting hiring managers with potential future talent online and creating virtual communities). He told me he’d never heard of anything similar, said

Why would I build my own LinkedIn Groups?

Over the last 5 years people have often told me they’ve tried to build LinkedIn Groups but ‘they just don’t work’.. My response is that you’ve probably made one of the three key mistakes; you’ve over-branded the Group, you’ve not created a strong enough guest list or you don’t have a robust content schedule. LinkedIn
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