• Siobhan Brady

How Hiring Managers Should Approach Potential Candidates on LinkedIn

So, you have a list of potential #candidates that you want to reach out to. But, what’s the best way to approach them? As with all marketing efforts, you need to establish a plan before you begin.

We believe in the power of the #hiringmanager and what we call ‘relationship-building recruitment’. This is about creating a 1:1 connection between the hiring manager and candidate, inspiring them with great content, then presenting them with the opportunity.

Creating a 1:1 connection

When you reach out to connect, #LinkedIn allows you to include a personalised invitation message. It’s essential not to waste this opportunity!

When composing an invitation message, here are some things to remember:

– Avoid using an invitation to connect for anything other than its intended purpose. The message should be restricted to explaining why you wish to connect and nothing else

– Keep it simple. There is nothing worse than receiving a long-winded message, just looking at a huge block of words will put most people off, irrespective of the quality of the content – so keep it precise

– Get your timing right. Messages work best when sent on a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday and preferably in the morning. And remember time differences if sending internationally!

– Point out something you have in common. It could be your industry or location

Sharing great content

After the invite has been sent, you need to monitor who connects with you and then follow up. We believe your follow up should consist of two stages:

Stage 1: The Thank You

When you receive a notification that someone has accepted your connection request on LinkedIn, reach out with a personalised “thank you” message.

You don’t want to pitch your services or self-promote at this stage, but rather include the URL to your website in your signature.

At this point, your only concern is leaving a positive impression on them.

Stage 2: Relationship Building

Set a reminder to reach out to your new contacts after one week.

The sole purpose of this message is to provide something of value to that person with no ulterior motive. Giving without the expectation of receiving is a critical part of building authentic relationships with people. Share with them content such as case studies, eBooks, reports or videos.

Presenting the opportunity

Once the relationship has been built, you can then introduce the vacancy to the candidate.

Top candidates receive lots of messages every day from recruiters about job opportunities. By using a different approach and having the hiring manager get in touch, it makes the process feel personal. Candidates are more likely to feel valued from the start because the hiring manager has contacted them directly instead of going through a recruiter.

Candidates are likely to feel more engaged with the recruitment process as there are no third parties involved with something to gain. They may not even be looking for a new role, but if a hiring manager gets in touch directly then it is more likely to spark a candidate’s interest.

LinkedIn is a great place to attract candidates. By utilising your hiring managers, you can really drive #candidateengagement. This is because hiring managers are the people that they really want to learn from – the thought leaders.

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