• Siobhan Brady

The Power of the Hiring Manager: LinkedIn Profile Optimisation

Here at Social Media Search, we are a firm believer in the power of the #HiringManager, yet so many companies fail to utilise their full potential. Over the past nine years, we have developed our ExecConnections method, which places the hiring manager in the centre of the #candidateattraction process, into a powerful playbook. Results from ExecConnections are excellent – in fact, we would go as far to say that it is the ultimate method of direct sourcing.

Our approach to using the hiring manager involves making them a key component of your company’s #talentbrand. We don’t believe in a rigid split between active and passive candidates – everyone is a candidate that can be converted into applying for your vacancy if your approach is right. Creating a 1:1 connection between the hiring manager and candidate, and then inspiring them with excellent content before presenting them with the opportunity is what we call ‘relationship-building recruitment’.

The very best candidates are often not looking for opportunities. They may have been promoted last year or are due to be promoted next year. They can see pay rises, progression and an exciting career in front of them without moving employers. Recruiters will find it very difficult to get them to take a call or open an email. Therefore, you must make sure your business leaders look great online and use their social media profiles to initiate relationships with these highest performing people. They will be more likely to take notice.

To attract talent in today’s digital age, you need to leverage your current employees’ social networks to extend your talent brand even further. Imagine how many candidates would learn about your company if more employees shared company and professional content across social media.

Getting your people to engage can be tough. But when they do, they will reap the benefits. When hiring managers share knowledge across social media, not only do they establish themselves as thought leaders, they ultimately help themselves attract, recruit and hire talent. To achieve this, having a compelling social profile is vital. Small and seemingly obvious enhancements can make a significant difference but are often overlooked. Take a look at our interactive LinkedIn Profile Tool which provides a step-by-step guide on the simple steps you can take to optimise your online profile.

Hiring managers who develop their talent brand and use social media to speak with candidates directly are enjoying great success. The candidate experience is also enhanced with this approach to recruitment.

If the profile of your hiring managers portrays the employment experience, development opportunities, benefits and culture as well as make them look like the best talent within their profession, they will attract the best talent.

Get in touch with us to find out more about our ExecConnections service.

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