Our Services

As a Candidate.ID service, we work with in-house HR and talent acquisition teams to:

  • Ensure their social media profiles are compelling and magnetic to prospective candidates

  • Help them create and distribute influential content to broadcast their talent brand and employer brand

  • Build their connections and followers with an audience of potential candidates

  • Accelerate 1:1 relationships with potential candidates

  • Develop and nurture talent pipelines to help recruiters save cost and time-to-hire through our software

  • Provide deep research and talent mapping

  • Manage multiple social media accounts

  • Carry out social media audits in order to improve the overall management and reach of their social media


Our core Sourcing service is ExecConnections. Here’s how it works:

ExecConnections Blue.jpg

Each element of ExecConnections is available as an individual component

Mapping & Sourcing
  • Long lists of candidates - A process of identifying long lists of potential candidates based on your job specification who have the skills for your regular-hire requirements. 

  • Candidate Outreach - Outreach to candidates to identify their interest in exploring opportunities which includes generation of communications. This can be sent from the Hiring Manager or us. 
  • Candidate Mapping - Deep research to identify your total addressable market, individuals by region or gather information and insights about competitors.

Social Media Management
  • LinkedIn profile optimisation for senior team members
  • Creation of social media recruitment channels

  • Creation of a content calendar which is motivational, educational and relevant

  • Management of social media accounts and content sharing

Nurture all of the candidates we identify through research and ExecConnections using Candidate.ID.

Candidate.ID is the world’s first talent pipeline software and is used by world-leading employers to build deep pipelines of engaged candidates for today’s and tomorrow’s hiring needs. Our unique ID.Score accurately measures a candidate’s desire to work for an organisation in real-time, enabling recruiters to improve the quality of shortlist and reduce costs and time-to-hire.